What Makes a Face Pretty?

By Arsya Apr 4, 2022

What Makes a Face Pretty?

There are many things that collectively determine the overall attractiveness of a human face. The first of these elements is facial symmetry. Facial symmetry means that the right side of the face should be almost identical to the left side of the face. No human being has two identical face parts but the more close those parts to each other the more attractive the person is perceived to be. Facial symmetry is associated with health. It was found that people with more symmetrical faces have better genes and better overall health. That’s why humans were designed to go for those who have symmetrical faces. When a person gets attracted to another healthy person the resulting offspring will become healthier. Many people obsess about the shape of a certain feature in their face while forgetting to look at other important things that as facial symmetry.

Attractiveness and health

It was found that the more attractive a person is the less health problems he suffers from. The diseases people get while they are going affect their genes and results in an overall change of their looks.

Some studies say that people with longer faces tend to get respiratory problems while those with shorter faces tend to get lots of headaches.

The more symmetrical a person’s face the less health problems he suffers from and the better his genes are. When you like someone who looks so pretty you are actually getting attracted to the healthiest person according to your subconscious mind’s point of view.

Human beings were designed that way in order to bring the healthiest offspring to the world.

Facial proportions

The golden ratio is a ratio that was found everywhere in nature. The golden ration is found in the proportions of flowers, trees, animals and human beings.

The golden ratio is 1 to 1.6 and its presence in the human face boosts the overall attractiveness of the face.

Ideally facial width to facial height should abide to the golden ration, in other words the ratio of a face width to its height should be 1 to 1.6.

• The eyes should be half way between the top of the head and the chin.

• The bottom of the nose should be half way between the eyes and the chin.

• The mouth should be one third of the distance between the nose and the chin.

• The distance between the eyes should be equal to the distance of one eye.

• The corner of the mouth must line up with the center of the eye.

• The top of the ears must light up slightly above the eyes.

• The bottom of the ears should line up with the bottom of the nose.

By Arsya

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