What to Look For When Buying Eyewear Online?

By Arsya Mar 5, 2021

Most people think that shopping online is a very beneficial thing because there aren’t any crowded malls or rows you have to wait in. You also save a lot of your time because you don’t have to travel and go from store to store but both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. You won’t be able to try them on before buying which is a problem but you could always return them if you don’t like how they fit.

How To Be Sure They Will Fit?

You will never be sure but there are some measurements you can check that will work in 99% of the cases. You could also buy a similar design to your Chloe Sunglasses you own so you will be sure they fit the same. The first thing would be to figure out your face type and which one suits you the best. When you figure this out you will need to look for measurements online.

Every store has details about their product where you can check the length. The difference between models isn’t big so you will probably choose between millimeters. If your face is between 10 and 12cm, go for 50mm. This also depends on your nose and the design so it’s better to try different models which you can compare later on. Get 51 to 55mm if you measure between 12 and 14cm. This will probably be your choice because there aren’t a lot of dimensions you can choose from.

Adjustable Glasses

It often happens that a certain product won’t fit you properly because everyone is unique. A great thing about high-quality shades is that they have adjustable features and can be custom-made. This will be accessible more in the future when they start printing them. It will be a bit more expensive to have them custom made but they will for sure last longer and be comfortable.

If you are ordering a more expensive type and you don’t want to mess with it, visit a professional and let them adjust it. Most of them will do it for free if the adjustment is minor. If they are making them for you, you will just need to send your measurements. Get more information here: https://onlineglassesreview.com/a-guide-to-buying-sunglasses-online/

Making the Right Choice

It isn’t that hard to make a good choice even if you are ordering online because they will look the same in real life like on the website. It’s not like a part of clothing where the size is much more important. It’s more important to check who you are buying it from and the material it is made of. The best choice would be to buy them directly from the branded store.

Buying from a retailer is also safe if they have a good reputation online. You can check out reviews and feedback from past customers to be sure. Always see if they have a money back guarantee or if you are able to return them which are a standard now. Just be careful with the packaging because a damaged product won’t be accepted in most cases.

By Arsya

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