Woman with big forehead spends $7,000 on reduction surgery

By Arsya Apr 16, 2021

Camilla Coleman Brooks, 26, from North Carolina, spent years with a fringe to disguise her 8.5cm forehead. The average female forehead is around 6cm in the US.

The mother-of-two decided to undergo forehead reduction surgery – after disliking the way her forehead looked and feeling self-conscious about it for ten years.

The two-and-a-half hour operation moved her hairline, and reduced the size of her forehead by 3cm.

An incision was made along the marked area of the forehead and hairline and the surgeon carefully cut out the area marked for removal before joining the top incision with the forehead incision.

‘I used to look in the mirror and all I would see was a huge forehead,’ explained Camilla. ‘When I was younger I would always style my hair and notice how big it looked.

‘For the last few years I’ve hid it under a fringe or a hat. I am so happy with the results now that I’ve had the surgery.

‘I didn’t need the procedure to make me happy, but I love how I now look.’

Camilla used to hide her forehead underneath hats and fringes and felt incredibly self-conscious about it.

‘No one really bullied me for it but it was something I didn’t like,’ she said. ‘Having surgery was something I wanted to do for myself. It wasn’t that I didn’t like how I looked, I just wanted to be more proportional.’

She underwent surgery in February 2021 at Zeeba Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, which involved removing skin from her forehead to decrease it in size.

‘My forehead used to be 8.5cm and now it is 5.5cm,’ she said. ‘It’s an amazing difference.’

Camilla had to wear a bandage for a few days after the surgery and has a scar and swelling from the incision.

‘I couldn’t move my eyebrows properly for the first few days but it’s back to normal now,’ she said. ‘The top part of my forehead is still numb and it may take a while for the feeling to return there.’

The scar should heal within a few weeks but Camilla is already happy with the results.

‘I look in the mirror and I love it,’ she explained. ‘I didn’t need it to be happier, but I am so glad I did it.’

What is forehead reduction surgery and how does it work?

Forehead reduction surgery – also known as a hairline lowering – is a cosmetic procedure that helps to reduce the height of the forehead.

The procedure begins with the surgeon marking out the area of the hairline that will be removed, before numbing the entire forehead, from the hairline to the brows.

An incision is then made along the marked area of the forehead, and that section of skin is separated from the connective tissue underneath, and removed.

The top incision is then pulled down to join the bottom incision to close the gap and shorten the forehead.

Camilla’s partner, Terrance, 26, a soldier in the army, is supportive of her decision.

The model has received some negative comments from her decision to have surgery but stands by having the operation.

By Arsya

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