Different Skincare Regimen for Different Ages

By Arsya May 7, 2020 #different #regimen #skincare

Most women would have tried at least some methods and therapies that promised to make them look younger and more beautiful. It is true that all treatments do not work on all women and sometimes they don’t work after a certain age. It should be noted that women at different ages require different treatments therapies. Using the same treatment at all ages is as ridiculous as using the same type of oil to run automobiles, oil your hair and cook food. Your requirements when you are 20 will not be the same when you reach 40. Your skin texture will change and you need different methods to minimize the effects of ageing. Almost all women need a more hydrating regimen as time passes by.
the 20s
When you are in your 20s, you need to find a balance as you are not a teenager anymore, but you need care as you will be going out often. You should find a good cleanser that cleans dirt, oil and makeup from every pore. Also, find a good facial mask and a mild moisturizer. You can try pro-vitamin B5 and good quality skin conditioning agents meant for all types of skin. This will protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays.
the 30s
In your 30s, you will notice that the signs of ageing have started setting in. You will notice a few more lines and your skin starts to lose its glow. Collagen and elastin production becomes slower. If you wish to create brighter and smoother skin, you need to follow a skin care regimen that helps combat the effects of lower collagen and elastin. You can use products that contain caffeine and vitamins.
the 40s
Fine lines start appearing on your mouth and eyes when you reach your 40s. These fine lines and wrinkles are caused by the acute reduction of collagen and elastin. Your skin becomes less elastic and this make the wrinkles apparent. Your skin also becomes drier. At this age, the priority is retaining the moisture in your skin, which will keep it soft and flexible. It is advisable to use products that have high moisture content.
the 50s
As you grow older, your skin becomes very fragile and thinner than before. It also becomes very dry and wrinkles are easily visible. To take care of these issues, you need to choose a rich moisturizer that helps rebuild your skin and provides proper sun protection. Choose a cream or lotion that helps maintain the firmness of your skin.
the 60s
This is the phase in your life when your skin is very thin, dry and fragile, probably a combination of all these makes wrinkles and fine lines appear, which are difficult to hide. To restore the texture of your skin, you need to maintain the density and firmness of your skin. Choose an enriched moisturizer, which contains calcium, so that your skin does not sag.

By Arsya

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