Face Cleansers to Protect Healthy Skin

By Arsya Jun 3, 2020 #cleansers #healthy #protect

A good face cleansing regimen consists of first cleansing and then toning your face. The article below discusses the numerous benefits of using face cleansers and toners. It also offers information on the key ingredients of a cleanser and toner to help you select your cosmetic products wisely.

It gently removes make-up, oil, dirt and other types of pollutants from your facial skin

It prevents oil secretions on the face, providing a calm and soothing sensation to your skin

It helps remove dead skin cells, unclogs pores and prevents skin conditions such as acne

It eliminates surface bacteria, imparts new and fresh skin texture and removes excess toxins from your skin

Use of facial cleanser provides instant freshness and softness to your face

Regular use of facial cleanser helps to improve the condition of your skin

In winters, cleansers prevent your skin from cracking

In summers, cleansers prevent your skin from secreting excessive oil

Cleansers are suitable for all skin types

As these are made of natural ingredients, they do not cause side effects

Ingredients in Face Cleansers

A good facial cleanser usually contains the following natural ingredients:

Caffeine, aloe vera and sucrose – This imparts the anti-irritation quality to the cleanser making it work gently on your skin

Glycerin – It acts as a humectant

Olive fruit and safflower seed oils – This helps to soften and soothe your skin

Trehalose and sodium hyaluronate – These help to moisturize your skin

Linoleic acid and barley extract – These ingredients reinforce the natural repair of the skin’s barrier.

By Arsya

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