Differentiating Bags Based on Their Functions

By Arsya Jul 16, 2021


How many types of Crowds bags do you have? Don’t you realize that every bag is made with a different function? From the shape alone, we can see that a small bag has a different function than a large bag. In addition to the function of loading goods, the use of the bag must be adjusted to the activity to be carried out. Because, if used according to its function, the bag will make it easier for us to store things, besides that it can also add to our style. Then, how to distinguish the bag? Here we provide the information.

  1. Backpack

This type of bag is the bag that can be said to be the most commonly used. All men wear backpack type bags, although in different conditions and needs. Usually, many choose to use this backpack because it is easy to carry and the large size makes it possible to carry large quantities of goods. Also popular among school children and students for storing books and stationery.

  1. Rucksack

At first glance it is the same as a backpack. However, if the backpack uses a zipper to open or close, the rucksack only relies on a drawstring. It’s simpler. This bag usually takes a vintage theme because it used to be a trend in Germany during the war. This bag is suitable for use when traveling short distances or traveling, can accommodate some clothes and necessities when traveling. For heavier purposes such as hiking, a special model rucksack is needed.

  1. Duffel Bag

This bag is large, with a cylindrical shape. Currently, duffel bags are popular for use when men want to do fitness or exercise. Usually used to carry shoes, towels, change of clothes, and water bottles. In addition, because of its large size, this bag is also suitable for traveling but still trendy and relaxed.

  1. Messenger Bag

This bag, also known as the postman bag, was first introduced in the 1950s by the de Martini Globe Canvas Company and until the 1970s was known as a bag that was often used by couriers in New York City. Actually, this type of bag can be said to be multifunctional, because it is quite large and wide. The shape of this messenger bag is usually square or rectangular with a wide belt to be slung over the shoulder. At first, canvas material was used to make this bag because the material is strong and weather resistant. But along with the development of fashion, messenger bags are now available in various types of materials and designs. That’s what makes this Messenger bag one of the most popular types of men’s bags to date. Can also be used as an alternative to backpacks, Perfect for taking to school or college. But still try not to carry too much weight because only one shoulder supports this model bag.

  1. Briefcase

This bag can be the choice of men who work in the formal field. The bag is rectangular in shape and features a short strap at the top as a handle. Usually the material for making this bag is leather or other rigid material, so that the shape of the bag itself can be maintained. Regarding volume, the briefcase may only be enough to accommodate a laptop, notepad, or files.

By Arsya

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