Facial Hair on Women – Learn How to Remove Unwanted, Undesirable Facial Hair

By Arsya Apr 10, 2022

Facial Hair on Women – Learn How to Remove Unwanted, Undesirable Facial Hair

Since the beginning of time both men and women have tried tirelessly to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Throughout the centuries, in order to maintain their femininity, women have fought hair on different parts of their body such as the chin, upper lip and on the side of their face. Unwanted facial hair for women is a symptom of a medical condition that should be treated; it’s not just a mater of vanity.

There are several causes of unwanted facial hair one of which is hereditary, especially for women with dark or coarse facial hair. However a vast majority of American women suffer from hirsutism. This is an imbalance in the hormones and a symptom of high blood levels of male androgens. Increased level of androgens in women which is produced by the adrenal glands or the ovaries causes the same type of hair growth in males to be experienced by women in their reproductive stage of life.

This hirsutism is more common in darkly-colored white individuals of both sexes than blond or fair skinned individuals. Evaluating hirsutism in women with blond hair is very difficult.

Hirsutism can begin at any age and it progresses with age and tend to develop more with women during childbearing years. However, regardless of the cause and the ages of the woman experiencing this condition it needs to be addressed.

Aging is another reason women develop unwanted facial hair. As a woman ages she produces less of the female hormone estrogen and her male producing hormone become more dominant. This is perfectly normal for females. However as you age and begin to produce facial hair the hair will become darker and become more visible and thicker.

Women who are interested in removing these hair should obtain treatment during the time the hair is still of a darker shade. If the hair begins to turn grey it cannot be treated by laser even if the hair is dyed. What happens is laser works by attacking the melanin in the hair. Melanin is what gives the hair its dark color. So if the hair is missing the melanin then the laser will not be able to target that hair. If the hair is dyed the laser will temporarily pick it up, however it will not be permanently removed as the laser cannot reach the root.

There are some women who have light, fine peach fuzz hair which is mostly popular on the face. This hair is normal and no type of laser treatment can remove them.

With the advancement in laser treatments which use light that targets pigment in the hair and its follicles, therefore blonde, red and gray or white hair do not respond to laser treatments.

By Arsya

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