Skincare for Treatment VS Therapy, What’s the Difference?

By Arsya Apr 12, 2022

One of the facial care mistakes that causes the skin to become unhealthy is due to choosing the wrong type of skincare . This was said by the plastic surgeon dr. Teuku Adifitrian Sp.BR-RE or known as Tompi. He also explained that there are two types of skin care products that you can find, namely skincare for therapy or treatment and the second is skin care for maintenance.

Maintenance skincare from can be sold freely, while skincare for therapy is a treatment that is specifically tailored to the conditions and needs of a patient.

Tompi gave an example of skincare for therapy, for example for concoctions, some have high retinol levels. Because the amount of the active substance is adjusted, it is under medical supervision and cannot be sold freely.

Well, often people are tempted, seeing their friends have beautiful skin, they end up cheating on the recipe, this often makes the skin unhealthy

He further said that so far another mistake is that users of blended facial treatments do not return to check their skin condition after therapy, but continue to repeat the same recipe for a long period of time.

Even though at first the facial treatment ingredients were used for the skin, if without the supervision of a dermatologist, their use could be dangerous because skin conditions can change after using therapeutic skincare.

In addition, other actions such as exfoliation or skin peeling also add to the fatality of using therapeutic skincare that is not under the supervision of a doctor.

“Initially the skin was good, but due to excessive use, the skin thins because it continues to be eroded. Finally, the skin barrier function is poor, then the protection is not optimal. When exposed to the sun, it results in spots and melasma. That is the result of mistreatment and overtreatment, “said doctor who also works as a musician.

That’s why, Tompi appealed to facial care users not to just use a series of facial treatments. It is important to understand the side effects of skincare and facial treatments that are carried out so that the goal of healthy, beautiful, and balanced skin can be achieved.

By Arsya

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