Facial Redness

By Arsya May 1, 2022

Facial Redness

Facial redness can be an annoying and troublesome condition to live with. I know for sure, because for all of my adolescence, and 5 years into my adulthood, I suffered from extreme blushing. If you ever visited a medical doctor in search for help with facial blushing, you have probably gotten the same answer that I got: that there is nothing that can be done, except for becoming more relaxed and self-confident. And while in a way it is true that becoming more relaxed and self-confident can help, there are far better and more effective ways to get rid of facial redness.

Embarrassment & Shame

Embarrassment and shame are what in most causes triggers blushing. Many people also get a red face when they drink alcohol, or when they get upset, but feeling socially uncomfortable is still the number one reason.

It’s particularly the cheeks and the forehead that is affected most intensely. Because there, the blood vessels lie more closely to the surface of the skin, and there is less tissue between the blood capillaries and the skin surface. The blood vessels here are also wider, which all contributes to the fact that an increased blood flow is more visible here to outside observers than in other regions.

One of the biggest disadvantages of being a person who blushes easily is, that other people will make all kinds of assumptions about you, simply because they see you are blushing. It is quiet common, that people who blush easily are getting accused of all kinds of wrongdoings the did not commit – but their blushing “gave their guilt away”. Most people are not experts at judging other people, and thus they can’t know that the reason why you blushed was simply because you are a person that often blushes, not because you are guilty.

By Arsya

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