How to care for natural hair extensions

By Arsya Oct 6, 2021

How to care for natural hair extensions
Today we will talk about the care that we must take if we use natural hair extensions , because good maintenance and good care will be the key to make them last a long time. But you can read this information first about Socooso Hair Wig Malaysian Body Wave Quality Virgin Hair 360 Lace Frontal With 1B Color 3 Bundles Matched at

Correct placement is essential

  • Place on clean, dry hair. It is recommended to previously wash the hair with a so-called “deep cleaning” shampoo or if we do not have this type, with an anti-grease shampoo to ensure that the hair does not have any type of dirt.
  • Brush the extensions daily with a soft, soft bristle brush to prevent hair breakage. With this type of brush we will prevent it from snagging in the joints and not breaking. Brushing should be done starting at the ends, then moving up to the middle of the hair, ending at the roots.
  • It is advisable to make a braid or a tail to go to sleep , in this way we prevent hair from getting tangled while we sleep.

How should natural hair extensions be washed?

  • Brush before washing and always wash from crown to ends, never the other way around.
  • We will wash with a special shampoo for extensions . In this case, we recommend the X-trem Keratin Detox Anti-Frizz shampoo , it is a shampoo with a high concentration of nutrients and keratin that will provide our hair with nutrition that will help keep it in optimal condition.

We will distribute the shampoo evenly in the area from the roots to the tips, massaging. It is important not to rub in the wash , with a gentle massage on the roots and the application of the shampoo on the lengths and ends is enough.

  • Moisturize the extensions. Once the hair is rinsed with plenty of water, we will remove the excess moisture with a towel, to then apply a special mask for extensions. We recommend using the Silky Mask Extensions , a mask with a high nutritional conditioning power that contains amino acids and highly hydrating elements that will add shine and softness to the hair fiber.

Let it act for 10 to 15 minutes, massaging the hair from the middle to the ends. The exposure time will depend on how dry the extensions may be, the drier the longer the time.

  • Dry hair. Dry the extensions in the air with the dryer, avoid combing them in the wet, and once they are dry, just detangle them and style them to your liking.

By Arsya

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