What Causes Red Irritated Facial Skin?

By Arsya Oct 8, 2021

What Causes Red Irritated Facial Skin?

Irritated red facial skin is often caused by over-cleansing. Dermatologists have found they see more problems associated with over-cleansing than with under-cleansing or poor hygiene. What else causes red, irritated facial skin? What can be done to treat, even heal skin redness?

There are many things that can cause red skin and irritation of your face. Here’s a look at most, if not all of them. Then we will look at How to Heal Irritated Red Facial Skin.

**Shaving Cause of Irritated Skin

Men who shave their faces daily subject themselves to razor burns and bumps. If they are not careful, these problems can become chronic. Chronic inflammation is one of the causes of cellular aging. If you’re like most people, you want to avoid that.

**Sun Causes Skin Redness

Exposure to the sun is an obvious cause of redness. But you may not always be aware of how much sun you are getting.

There are two types of sunlight; visible and invisible. Invisible or UV rays can cause burning and other types of damage even on a cloudy day.

Dermatologists estimate that people get 50% of their UV exposure (another cause of cellular aging) on overcast days.

**Allergic Reactions Cause Skin Redness

Allergic reactions cause red skin. Determining what allergen caused the problem can be difficult. Even hypo-allergenic skincare products can cause allergic reactions. They are just less allergenic than the company’s regular products.

Usually itching is present in an allergic reaction. If that symptom is absent, you likely have a different problem.

**Rosacea – Chronic Redness

Rosacea is a kind of chronic reddening that usually affects the cheeks, chin and nose. In some cases, redness is present on the neck and chest, too. The underlying cause of rosacea is unknown. Heredity and inflammation are two factors that probably contribute.

If bumps or pimples are present, the problem could be acne. Acne rosacea is a term used to describe rosacea accompanied by frequent breakouts.

**Bad Product Ingredients.

The cleansers and other products commonly used to treat acne can cause irritated facial skin. Prescription retinoids are especially likely to cause redness and irritation. They are prescribed to treat acne and wrinkles, even though the conditions may seem totally different.

The faces of skiers and boaters can be reddened by the wind and by reflection. Anyone that spends time on the water or the snow should be aware that both of those things intensify the sun’s heat by reflecting it. They should also be aware of wind damage.

**Aging Process Cause

In some cases, small blood vessels are present near the skin’s surface. These may be visible throughout a person’s life or appear only as a part of the aging process due to collagen loss. Collagen loss makes the skin’s layers more translucent.

Despite all of these different causes of red skin, there is one underlying factor that is almost always present. That factor is inflammation.

Inflammation is an essential function of the body’s immune system, but it can also be damaging. Inflammatory molecules can degrade the skin’s elastic collagen fibers, which is a cause of age-related sagging.

Even the appearance of small blood vessels could be due to inflammation. It is almost certainly due to the aging process.

There are some things you can do to heal the inflammation and heal irritated facial skin. You’ll learn about those in my next article, How to Heal Irritated Red Facial Skin. Please see the author/resource box below for the link to: “How to Heal Irritated Red Facial Skin”. You’ll be glad you checked it out.

By Arsya

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