Find Your Organic Facial Concealer

Find Your Organic Facial Concealer

A facial concealer is a major weapon against skin darkening, pimples, blemishes, and other skin problems we want to hide especially when we have to be presentable to people. It is also worth noting that when choosing a concealer, those with natural ingredients are great choices for purchase. Non-organic make ups can cause more skin damage because of the harsh chemicals used in making them.

We already have existing skin problems, we do not need more to worry about. Besides, the purpose of using a concealer is to hide these skin imperfections. Isn’t it ironic that a wrong kind of facial concealer can even worsen the skin’s situation instead of making it better?

The sure and obvious way to identify an organic concealer is by reading its ingredients. There are some brands that call their products ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, but if you read all the ingredients, 1/4 of the product’s substances are chemicals. Don’t get deceived, learn about what products to avoid by knowing the harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of these. This way you are able to know the real organic skin care products to pay attention to.

Enumerated below are the most known harmful chemicals used in making concealer and other make ups:

Titanium dioxide – This chemical is from open mines. It is known to have carcinogenic dioxins that continue to exist when released in the air. It can also do damage to the endocrine system. When inhaled, it can damage the lungs severely.

Formaldehyde – This is also known as quaternium-15 or imidazolidinyl urea, and was banned in the USA before for being a notorious carcinogen carrier. This substance continues to be harmful and is the leading cause for having allergies, skin sensitization, effects in the reproductive system, and birth defects.

Talc – Usually containing small quantities of boric acid, zinc oxide, and other powder that are used to color the chemical. Producing talc causes a lot of disturbance. In the production of this, huge amounts of petroleum is burned, heat accumulates which can worsen the situation of global warming. Lots of talc dust is also produced which carries carcinogen. Inhaling this can cause lung irritation.

Parabens – This consists of methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben. They act like estrogen which means the possibility of having breast cancer rises. Parabens has been found in breast tumors. It can also produce skin rashes.

These chemicals are dangerous and should be avoided. Don’t risk yourself. Protect your health and the environment while also applying good remedy on your skin problems. Choose the right concealer, choose organic ones.

By Arsya

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