How To Research A Doctor For Revision Rhinoplasty

By Arsya Jun 20, 2022

How To Research A Doctor For Revision Rhinoplasty

It is an unfortunate event, but sometimes rhinoplasty jobs do not work out as planned for patients. Either due to poorly conducted work or unsatisfactory results, a revision rhinoplasty is often in order. These are often referred to as secondary or corrective procedures, because they are used to fix errors that have occurred from a previous operation. For the most part, a revision rhinoplasty does not nearly require as much work as the initial one, because only modifications (in contrast to full reshaping or restructuring) need to be performed. However, there are instances in which the revision rhinoplasty will require more work, especially if the results of the first operation are very unsatisfactory.

Finding a surgeon that specializes in revision work is critical, and should be your primary concern if you are planning on getting one. You may or may not want to revisit the surgeon that conducted your first operation, depending on the severity of the results. They may offer a discount on revision work, but you will certainly want to see if they too specialize in revisions. Sometimes the fault is the on doctor and sometimes it is not. Whatever the reason, getting a secondary rhinoplasty is not something patients enjoy. Be sure to choose the right plastic surgeon, so you don’t need to worry about anymore future operations.

How to choose a doctor for a revision rhinoplasty

Must have extensive training and experience

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Revision rhinoplasties require much more skill and detailed work than primary rhinoplasties, and for this very reason alone require a doctor that can perform the operation. Sound analytical skills are a necessity, because they will be working with a nose that has already been operated on. Revision work is all about the details, so be sure to choose a physician that specializes in these jobs. They should have a portfolio of work on file specifically for revision jobs.

Nothing separates the qualified from the non-qualified than certification. You should never feel awkward or out of place when consulting with your doctor. You are the patient and you deserve excellent treatment. Check to see if they are certified by their American Board of Plastic Surgery. To be certified, they must have graduated from an accredited medical school, completed a minimum of five years of residency, and have passed an oral/written examination.

Another common certification that plastic surgeons can receive is from the Royal College of Physcians and Surgeons of Canada in Plastic Surgery. Additionally, it would further help to know whether they are a member of the Canadian society of Plastic Surgeons. A doctor that has been certified by each of these organizations will be able to demonstrate proof. If they do, you would be best suited to using their services over a cheaper alternative that merely states they are “certified.”

By Arsya

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