Are You Looking For the Best Oil Free Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer?

By Arsya Jun 17, 2022

Are You Looking For the Best Oil Free Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer?

Many of us are getting fed up with the greasy feeling after using a moisturizer. However, this doesn’t mean you should use an oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer, just a better quality one.

It is a myth that any oil will clog your pores and leave it feeling greasy. What is true is that oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer creams will only make matters worse as your skin needs the replenishment of oils lost during the day.

The reason for the greasy feeling is that most creams contain poor quality ingredients and harmful ones like mineral oil which comes from petroleum.

Mineral oil coats your skin to give the impression of keeping in the moisture but in fact blocks up the pores so the skin cannot breathe or eliminate toxins properly. It also strips away your natural oils and causes rashes and break outs.

I can’t believe they can in good conscience still use this harmful oil and they only do because it is cheap and plentiful, regardless of the health concerns.

Great oils that heal and moisturize are Avocado, Grapeseed, and Macadamia. These have great healing powers and contain powerful antioxidants. They are close to your body’s own oils and form a protective layer to keep out the everyday pollution and grime.

Coenzyme Q10 is also important as it can nourish deep down through all the skins layers to maintain excellent health and prevent the signs of aging from returning. It also helps to stimulate the production of collagen to help you have younger looking skin.

Shea Butter is a natural moisturizer and emollient which softens the skin and soothes inflamed areas. It also helps to reduce scars, blemishes and brown spots and smoothes out wrinkles and stretch marks too.

In addition, Shea Butter rapidly absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasy feeling at all.

These ingredients are proof that oil free anti aging facial moisturizer creams are unnecessary and will not help you keep your skin in optimum health.

Look for the ingredients I have mentioned to keep your skin healthy from the inside out.

To learn more about these amazing natural substances and why I choose to use them daily, visit my website below.

By Arsya

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