How to Reverse the Aging Appearance of Sagging Skin

By Arsya Jun 26, 2022

How to Reverse the Aging Appearance of Sagging Skin

Nothing says “old” more than having a sagging and wrinkled appearance to your complexion.

Often times, I have noticed that many of my facial care clients actually show loose sagging skin way before their time because they have not properly cared for their face.

I’m here to share with you the best methods to get rid of these unsightly signs of age for good!

Preserve Your Natural Oils:

One of the main reasons that you may feel like your face is sagging and dull is because it is dehydrated and has been for a long time.

Sagging skin can easily be caused by not keeping your face in balance through years of care, as well as not using the proper products. The reason that your face may be more dehydrated than you even know is because over-the-counter cosmetics do not have the right kind of emollients to keep your complexion protected.

To prevent loose sagging skin, look for a base in your facial care products like maracuja, which is an all-natural ingredient and extract from a Brazilian passion fruit.

What maracuja does is respond to your complexion to strengthen the barrier of your cells by giving a fatty acid content to make your face feels smooth again.

It may seem like you don’t want to over-oil your complexion, but using all-natural ingredients that have a fatty acid will preserve the natural oils of your face overall.

Prevent Flakiness:

If your complexion has already gone so far as to be dry, red, and flaky, then the symptoms are telling you that something is wrong.

The reason that your complexion may begin to feel dry and itchy is because below the surface, it is desperately seeking moisture.

Moisture is the main component that you need to treat sagging skin because if the moisture barrier of your face is not intact, then it will show premature signs of age.

One fantastic ingredient for delicate and mature complexions is babassu, which has a waxy feel to soothe your complexion, as well as keep out dirt and oils that accumulate throughout the day.

This ingredient is imperative to use if you are trying to prevent loose sagging skin because it will work to protect your face in a completely natural way to balance your complexion.

Avoid Tanning:

Yes, it may be wonderful and trendy to give a little bit of color to your face by tanning, but this is where the cell damage really occurs.

You may think it was a totally great idea to tan in your younger years, but I’m sure that you are noticing dramatic effects in the firmness of your face as the years pass.

The best option for you is to use the newer technologies, like spray tanning or sunless tanners, that you can use at home, which looked completely natural.

Be sure that you exfoliate really well so that the tanning product goes on smoothly and looks the most natural.

Most of these methods of sunless tanning will last for about a week, and your skin underneath will still look healthy and whole!

By Arsya

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