Living With Facial Blushing

By Arsya May 14, 2022

Living With Facial Blushing

Turning red during an embarrassing situation does nothing more than embarrass you further. Facial blushing is something that happens to many people at least once in their lives, and it can affect some people on a regular basis. If you find that you are plagued by a red face at the first hint an embarrassing situation may be arising, here are some things you can do to regain your composure.

Visualize. There are certain times when you know are you going to get embarrassed, such as when you have to talk in front of a group of people in a meeting, sales pitch, or other such event. Facial blushing from social anxiety only makes your anxiety worse. But when you know you are walking into an event where you are going to blush, plan ahead and mentally walk through or visualize the events before they happen. This can help you to calm your nerves and regain your composure before you even lose it. Some people with social anxiety can also find help in medications and therapy.

Other events can also make you blush, such as when you are stressed, when it’s hot outside, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods, and more. When you know the factors that lead to your facial blushing, you can take measure to prevent this from happening. For instance, when it’s hot outside, bring a hand-held fan along, sit in the shade, or dress in lighter clothing. If cigarettes, alcohol, spicy foods, or something else altogether are your triggers, you can either learn to live with the red cheeks or try to avoid or consume these items in moderation.

For many people, facial blushing is something you just have to live with, while for others, medications, therapy, and visualization or meditation techniques may help.

By Arsya

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