Natural Skincare and the Shopping Party Scene

By Arsya Sep 27, 2020 #natural #party #scene #shopping #skincare

There is a new in-crowd. They are discerning shoppers with specific requirements, for instance for their natural skin care products and this new in-crowd does not go to the shops to buy their clothes, shoes, cards, jewelry, designer bags, knitwear, moisturizing creams and natural beauty products. They go to peoples’ houses in town and country, owned by each other and their friends, to attend shopping parties. Invitation is mostly by word of mouth or email but if you are lucky enough to receive an invitation, do not bin it thinking it is some little village bazaar. Instead give it a go, turn up and be amazed.

Most of the women who host these shows (and they are mostly women not men – so far), are experts in their own fields. They are honest, friendly, will talk to you and give you advice, coffee and cake. There will often be jewelry made to order, fabulous high quality things that you cannot buy on the high street. Everything looks so fresh and interesting and exciting and it is such fun to visit other peoples’ houses and see their different tastes. I was at a show recently and met a woman who makes fabulous moisturizing creams in small batches from a traditional recipe that started with her grandmother. Her bottles and jars and packaging were simple but tasteful and really original. She talked about bringing her creams into the 21st century using vitamins, minerals and essential oils and she spoke about organic skincare in a language that I could understand. She even took time to help me understand my own skin problem. She explained chemicals and preservatives, colorings and alcohol and why big companies use them. I did not realize just what the big manufacturers have to put into their creams to guarantee the required shelf life for their products.

Even her un-perfumed cream for sensitive skin, which was a three in one product in a nice shaped bottle with a silver and white plunger top, looked fabulous and the smell was just fresh not chemical. She explained that as I had a small flare up of eczema, it would be good to use the cream as a soap substitute and wash with it, remove my make-up with it even eye make-up and then re-apply as a moisturizer. I did all this and the results were miraculous. This is an example of how these parties can introduce great new products and ideas that are just not available in the shops. So no more soap for me a this three in one product is the perfect answer for my sensitive allergic skin. It was inexpensive and I felt that I had spent time with a skin expert who cared about me. And my cream was presented to me in a lovely little green paper bag with white handles and yellow tissue paper and it did not seem like I had just been to the chemist.

My friend also bought a night cream with vitamins and chamomile that she could not have bought in the chemist and she said that she had had a great night sleep and her skin looked rested and clear after just two nights of application. And when I say my friend, this is a new friend that I just met at another shopping party just a few weeks ago. It is a new experience for me with lots of choices, fun and laughter. You can buy as card, a cream, a dress or just have a piece of cake and a coffee There is usually a charity involved. Our hostess was collecting for the Kent charity Hospice in the Weald, but it could be any charity and a small donation for a very enjoyable two to three hours shopping, laughing, eating and meeting new people.

I am not saying that this is going to put the high street out of business, but for specialized natural skincare products and original fashion and beauty products these parties are the answer for me. Check Fashion Stylist Milano for more.

By Arsya

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