Paraben Free Facial Moisturizers – A Few Startling Facts You Need to Know

By Arsya Jan 16, 2022

Paraben Free Facial Moisturizers – A Few Startling Facts You Need to Know

What are the benefits of paraben free facial moisturizers? What are the health hazards of parabens in general?  Why do cosmetic companies use these chemicals? You’ll find the answers to those questions right here.

The Hazards of Parabens 

Some scientists were concerned about the use of parabens when the practice first began, because they act like hormones, specifically estrogen, when they are introduced into the human body.  But, those early scientists had little to do with the introduction of paraben free hand cream. 

They may have provided a little inspiration, although the scientists that eventually found parabens in breast cancer tumors were not looking for them, specifically. They were simply evaluating the composition of the tumors, looking for an answer.

The introduction of paraben free facial moisturizers began after the news concerning the discovery of their presence in the tumors. But, there were other “studies showing that the chemicals are present ” in people’s urine and bloodstream, although the effect that they might have is unclear. 

The Benefits of Preservative-Free Cosmetics

Compounds that act like estrogen are known to contribute to certain kinds of cancer.  In some breast cancer cases, for example, the growth of the tumors is driven by the hormone estrogen. 

So, the primary benefit of paraben free hand cream and other health and beauty aids is to reduce our exposure to estrogen-like compounds.  We are exposed to enough of them, because they are found in plastics, foods and beverages. 

Another benefit of paraben free hand cream, if it is completely free of artificial preservatives, is a reduced risk of ‘allergic and other adverse reactions’.  Skin allergens and irritants contribute to inflammation, which can become chronic and is a cause of cellular aging.

Why Companies Use Petrochemicals in Cosmetics

Although the number of paraben free facial moisturizers and similar products is growing, there are still many “standard” products on the market.  Companies continue to use petrochemicals like parabens only because they are cheaper than natural alternatives.

When you compare one brand of paraben free hand cream to another, check the label for other ingredients that you don’t recognize.  The company could have just substituted one artificial preservative for another. 

One of the ingredients that you want to see is alpha-tocopherol or natural Vitamin E.  It is an excellent preservative. Paraben free in facial moisturizers containing it may help you look better, as you live a longer life. Like other antioxidants, it’s an important anti-aging ingredient that should be in all of our skincare products. 

Do yourself a favor and don’t settle for anything less than natural paraben-free products from now on.

By Arsya

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