Philip B Professional Hair Shampoo Review

Philip B. hair care products were developed by world-renowned hair care expert, Philip B. himself. After mixing products at home to provide his clients with the essential nutrients their hair needed he quickly became one of the most highly esteemed stylists in Los Angeles.
He began treating celebrity hair and traveled worldwide for work, seeking the most beneficial natural ingredients in haircare along the way.
Philip B.’s products are highly concentrated, loaded with botanicals, and are naturally scented. All of his products are available paraben-free. Since being launched in 1991 the Philip B. brand has continued to provide formulas that are ideal for the hair and scalp. Each product has been carefully created to create a feeling of warmth, cooling, or refreshment.
Philip is still continuously searching for the most innovative ingredients and creating new products. One thing that initially surprised Philip is that nearly every shampoo brand was created with detergent, water, and fragrance lacking many of the nutrients for creating health shiny hair. That is why Philip has developed a large selection of high performance Philip B shampoo and all are packed with botanicals to provide hair with the hydration it needs.
One of Philip B.’s top selling shampoos is their Peppermint and Avocado Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo. It thoroughly cleanses the hair while leaving it with a shiny, bouncy finish. It is highly concentrated with 2.3% pure peppermint oil so it leaves your scalp feeling fresh and energized. The Peppermint and Avocado Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo removes dirt and oily residue without stripping your hair of moisture. It can be used on color-treated hair and it can help reduce tension and increase circulation. This shampoo contains sixteen pure plant extracts and eleven essential and carrier oils.
Another extremely popular shampoo by Philip B. is their Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo. It was created to protect color-treated hair and restore the nutrients and hydration in damaged hair. This product was named the best shampoo by Vogue magazine internationally. This shampoo helps eliminate damage and frizz without leaving hair flat and weighed down. This product can help reduce and eliminate color from fading and it contains eleven L-amino acids to enhance the strength of the hair. It has a very thick texture which can be used sparingly. The Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo is loaded with Amber oil to heal and calm stressed out hair. This product contains panthenol, phytantriol, chamomile, grape seed, rosemary, nettle, burdock, sage, and shea butter. It also utilizes silk, wheat, and soy proteins to strengthen the hair.
To eliminate the need for everyday shampooing, Philip B. created the Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo. Unlike the Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo, it has a very light texture that still helps you increase volume and height without losing shine. Use this product in between shampoos to eliminate grease and help styles last longer. Like most dry shampoos, this product has a powdery-fresh finish, but it doesn’t leave any powdery residue. This product also leaves hair with a fresh Russian Amber Scent. You simply spray this product into your hair, work it into the roots, and go.

By Arsya

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