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Makeup Ideas

Glow Review

From the next generation in online retailers, has created a shopping experience like nothing you’ve ever seen. Combining the best in beauty products with a social networking flare, they offer what no one else can. This fun and informed experience is your key to finding the very best in beauty …

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Foundation Makeup

A Younique Review

Over the last several weeks I have noticed several new Multi Level Marketing companies being announced. As I enjoy research almost as much as I enjoy writing I thought it would be advantageous to review and write about each one these new companies. I suspect these new companies are being …

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Best Makeup

Philip B Professional Hair Shampoo Review

Philip B. hair care products were developed by world-renowned hair care expert, Philip B. himself. After mixing products at home to provide his clients with the essential nutrients their hair needed he quickly became one of the most highly esteemed stylists in Los Angeles.
He began treating celebrity hair and …

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Natural Beauty

L’Oreal Hair Color Review

With its convenience of being located in mostly every store that sells hair care products and its affordable price, L’Oreal is a popular choice among home hair-coloring fanatics.
L’Oreal offers many products to fit your hair-coloring needs. With their specialized formulas and extensive list of color choices, L’Oreal is a …

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Beauty Brands

Turboion Croc Hair Products Review

Each brand is coming up with their own innovative technologies in hopes of putting their appliance above the rest in marketing and sales. What people really want is performance, effectiveness, durability, and affordability. One company, Turboion, manufactures flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons and uses creative combinations to set …