Useful Recommendations on How to Grow Facial Hair Fast

By Arsya Jul 27, 2022

Useful Recommendations on How to Grow Facial Hair Fast

Millions of men across the globe crave for dense facial hair and believe that it makes them look more serious and presentable. There is nothing too surprising about this assumption, because thick beard has always been considered the main distinction between a teenager and a real man. Unfortunately, not all men can boast this feature. Moreover, lots of them face the problem of insufficient and slow growth of facial hair. This is when they fall into despair and start looking for various ways that could help them get a thick beard.

If you are concerned with this widespread problem, then you have certainly heard that regular shaving is one of the most effective ways of growing facial hair. The truth is that this is nothing more than just a myth, because hair roots are found deep in the facial skin. This means that they are not affected by this procedure no matter how often you shave.

Experts point out, though, that some factors have a greater effect upon the rate of hair growth. In most cases, it is all about genetics. So, if all men in your family did not face problems when growing hair on their faces, you are not likely to have them as well. Furthermore, the amount of facial hair is said to increase with the age, so the older you become – the more chances you have to get the beard you are dreaming of. Do you still need suggestions on how to grow facial hair fast? Listed below are some of the most popular and efficient recommendations that could help you solve this problem.

To start with, it is advised to let your facial hair grow naturally. It means that you should resist a strong temptation to trim and shave it at least for a few weeks. This is the best way to observe the distribution of hair on your face and identify those areas, where the growth of hair is too slow. As soon as your hair gets long enough to be trimmed, you are welcome to define the areas where you would like to have your beard and moustache. Well, this process takes time and patience, but it gives you a chance to grow dense facial hair without any medications. There is one thing you should keep in mind during this period of time. If you wish to make the process faster, try to stick to a well-balanced diet and consume food products that contain nutrients, vitamins and mineral required for quick and effective hair growth. With this purpose, your doctor can prescribe you nutritional supplements and complexes of vitamins that affect your health condition However, this will not be enough. Your everyday diet should include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, milk, yogurts, nuts, soy products, whole grains and, of course, water. Facial massage can also help speed up hair growth. Use eucalyptus, Firaus and Rogaine oils to strengthen damaged hair and make it grow faster.

By Arsya

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