How to remove make-up the right way

By Arsya Jan 3, 2022

Before removing make-up, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with running water and soap.
This step aims to clean your hands from dirt and bacteria that sticks, and the risk of transferring from your hands to your face.
In addition, use a hair tie or bandana to arrange the hair so as not to interfere with the facial cleansing process, and prevent the possibility of bacteria from the hair area moving to the face.
Next, how to clean make-up you can start with the following steps:

Gently clean the eye makeup

How to remove make-up starts from the eye area first. The reason is, eye make-up is usually more difficult to clean, especially if you use mascara and eyeliner that are waterproof or water-resistant.
However, how to remove eye make-up should not be done too tightly. You have to do it gently and slowly.
The reason is that the eyelid area is quite thin and sensitive, so you are not advised to clean it by rubbing it too hard. In case you are looking for reusable makeup remover towel, it can be your top choice. Bisous offers completely reusable chemical-free cloth for makeup removal, which soothes eczema

How to remove eye make-up too hard can also cause dark circles in the eye area, irritation, wrinkles, and make eyelashes fall out easily.
The correct way to clean eye make-up is to wet a clean cotton swab with an oil-based make-up remover.
Paste the cotton on the eye area. Press the eye area gently and slowly for 5-10 seconds, then wipe off the make-up. Use another clean cotton swab to maximize the process of removing eye make-up.

Clean all the make up on the face

The next way to remove make-up is to touch the entire face area. Facial make-up tends to be complex because it usually consists of foundation, concealer, and powder.
Therefore, you need an oil-based cleaning product, such as cleansing oil. According to a skin beauty expert, cleansing oil can attract oil on the face.
Thus, excess sebum production and dirt on the face can be lifted without damaging the skin and the protective layer of the skin.
Oil-based facial cleansers are also convenient to use. You simply rub it on the surface of the face while gently massaging the skin.
How to remove make-up on the face can also be with a milk cleanser. Pour enough milk cleanser, then apply to the surface of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, and chin evenly, using fingertips.
Use a cotton swab to wipe the face while applying gentle pressure, until all the makeup and cleansing cream is removed.

Use micellar water

After that, how to clean make-up followed by the use of cleaning products in the form of micellar water to complete the facial cleansing process.
Micellar water is a combination of purified water and skin-hydrating ingredients, such as glycerin, as well as molecules called micelles. The micelles in micellar water attract dirt and oil.
When you apply micellar water to your facial skin and wipe it off with a cotton swab, the remnants of make-up, oil, and dirt can be removed completely.

By Arsya

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